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Re: [dvd-discuss] SCC, Lexmark, and copyright versusreverse-engineering

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Oh but all good capitalists strive to crush their competition and become monopolists...everybody knows that. As for cartridges being a mere commodity....they are intellectual PROPERTY! Something on the par with a play, a musical score, a novel and even Britney Spears latest warbling.
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Agreed. Regardless of the means of achieving it, Lexmark's end is monopolistic and they should be punished.They have conspired to lock in the market place and the "prebate" is nonsense. There is NO difference between the cartridges, therefore it is merely a tying arrangement....not that I expect Johnny Ashcroft to understand it.

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03/29/2003 03:06 PM
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> >  In the court's decision, there doesn't seem to be much dispute
> > that in *theory*, other downloadable programs could be written that
> > performed the same operations as Lexmark's programs. The difficulty is
> > knowing the details of the program and operating environment, in the
> > first place.
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>  And if Lexmark has made RE so much more difficult, then they are entitled to
> their competitive advantage. That's the capitalist system at work.
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in the capitalist system... wouldn't ink jet cartridges be a proper
commodity, produced by multiple vendors, nd the market would set the

wouldn't the government institute anti-trust action against a company
for stifling competition?

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