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RE: [dvd-discuss]Lexmark Decision

On 26-Mar-2003 Richard Hartman wrote:
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>> From: microlenz@earthlink.net [mailto:microlenz@earthlink.net]
>> Can one have a right with no opportunity to exercise it?
> That is indeed the central question at the crux of the
> entire DMCA issue.  We have the _right_ to fair use
> but the DMCA can be used to deny us the opportunity
> to excercise that right by inserting a TPM between us
> and the work.

This is like having the right to vote, but being
prohibited from going to the place necessary to cast
your vote.  If you are prohibited from excerising a right,
then you really do not have such a right.

Jim Bauer, jfbauer@comcast.net