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[dvd-discuss] Legitimizing DeCSS

One of the problems we've been having is that our attempts to show that 
DeCSS has legitimate uses that take it out of the realm of pirate cable 
descramblers, and into the realm of xerox machines.

Well, what if we forced the issue with a novel use of DeCSS; one well 
outside of the realm of video piracy?

I propose that a user-friendly program be developed and distributed (from
abroad, natch) that encrypts ordinary user documents with CSS, and can
decrypt them, given a user-designated key, with DeCSS. Sort of a 'Pretty
Crappy Privacy.' Should it become widespread AND be handled very
carefully, we could at least score a minor victory in pulling DeCSS
outside of 1201(a)(2)(A)-(C) and 1201(b)(1)(A)-(C).

I'd use it*; after all, if it's good enough for Jack Valenti, it's got to 
be good enough for me!

*for legal purposes, of course.