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Re: [dvd-discuss] CORRECTION:One More Chance for a DMCA Exemption-Static Vs Lexmark



Static Control Components, Inc. (“Static Control”) has petitioned for consideration of the
following classes of works: 

1. Computer programs embedded in computer printers and toner cartridges and that control the
interoperation and functions of the printer and toner cartridge; 

2. Computer programs embedded in a machine or product and which cannot be copied during the
ordinary operation or use of the machine or product; and 

3. Computer programs embedded in a machine or product and that control the operation of a
machine or product connected thereto, but that do not otherwise control the performance,
display or reproduction of copyrighted works that have an independent economic significance. 

The Register of Copyrights has determined that Static Control has adequately explained why the
information set forth in its petition could not have been made available earlier, and that Static
Control has set forth sufficiently serious arguments on the merits to warrant consideration of its
proposal after the initial deadline. Accordingly, the “Petition of Static Control Components, Inc.
for Consideration of New Information” has been accepted as a comment proposing three classes
of works to be exempted from the prohibition on circumvention, and interested parties are invited
to submit reply comments responsive to this comment, either in support of or opposition to the
Static Control proposal. Static Control's comment is available on the Copyright Office Web site at
http://www.copyright.gov/1201/2003/petitions/ .

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> Static Control had a petition granted regarding Lexmark's claims that they are
> trafficking etc under the DMCA by circumventing their "Access control" to toner
> etc in cartridges. The petition is at
> http://www.copyright.gov/1201/2003/petitions/
> the forms were to be available 24Feb2003 but do not seem to be online yet and
> the deadline is 10March...so if you thought Lexmark's lawsuit stinks...here's
> achance to do help