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Re: [dvd-discuss] "under penalty of perjury"

On 28 Feb 2003 at 19:09, Jim Bauer wrote:

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> Ken Arromdee <arromdee@rahul.net> wrote:
> >If you read the message carefully, the "penalty of perjury" part only applies
> >to the statement that the BSA is authorized on behalf of the copyright owners
> >listed in the notice.  So not in this case.
> >
> But they were not authorized by the Copyright holders of the files
> in question.

If so, then they have NO legal authority since they are not an agent of the 
copyright holder. I find that hard to believe but if so, then they must pay the 
penalty of perjury...but to whom? What court did they swear in front of? What 
court has jurisdiction?

> -- 
> Jim Bauer, jfbauer@comcast.net