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Re: [dvd-discuss] Reason magazine: patents and copyrights are superfluous

All of which becomes self limiting if the term is short...."Fifty is nifty but 
28 is great"

At this point maybe copyright should be for the lifetime of the author provided 
he keeps the copyright and that he can only lease it for a fixed term of say 7 
years. If he sells it it becomes a mere commodity and expires at the end of 28 

I'm afraid that there will be no copyright reform until the copyright holders 
BEG for 50 flat and settle for 28yrs. Intellectual property has become 
intellectual slavery...

On 22 Feb 2003 at 11:41, Jeremy Erwin wrote:

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> Some on this mailing list may be interested in and/or amused by a 
> recent Reason piece ( http://www.reason.com/0303/fe.dc.creation.shtml 
> ), describing a recent economic paper (Boldrin and Levine. 2002, 
> "Perfectly Competitive Innovation" , 
> http://www.dklevine.com/papers/pci23.pdf ) that notes " Copyrights, 
> patents, and similar government-granted rights serve only to reinforce 
> monopoly control, with its attendant damages of inefficiently high 
> prices, low quantities, and stifled future innovation,"
> Jeremy