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[dvd-discuss] [dvid-discuss]petition by Static Control Components, Inc. for DMCA Exemption

I went out to the website
To see a thing or two
Then got quite a surprise
but what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a petition for exemptions accepted quite late....

(OK so I botched the rhyme for the night before xmas)

I went there to check formats as I prepare reply comments....This is an 
interesting development.....


The Copyright Office has granted a petition by Static Control Components, Inc. 
to consider a newly proposed class of works to be exempted from the prohibition 
on circumvention of technological measures that control access to copyrighted 
works as part of a pending rulemaking pursuant to the  Digital Millennium 
Copyright Act.

Having found that the petition by Static Control Components, Inc. has satisfied 
the requirements for consideration in this rulemaking, the Register has granted 
the petition and will accept reply comments  responsive to the comment posted 
below from February 24 until March 10, 2003, at 5 P.M. Eastern Standard Time 
(read Federal Register notice). The submission of reply comments responsive to 
this new  comment must be in one of the formats specified in the Notice of 
Inquiry. See 67 FR at 63582 (October 15, 2002). 

On February 24, 2003, a form will be available on this website for the 
submission of responsive reply comments. 

     Read petition by Static Control.


Static Control Components, Inc. (“Static Control”) has petitioned for 
consideration of the following
classes of works:
1. Computer programs embedded in computer printers and toner cartridges and 
that control the
interoperation and functions of the printer and toner cartridge;
2. Computer programs embedded in a machine or product and which cannot be 
copied during the
ordinary operation or use of the machine or product; and
3. Computer programs embedded in a machine or product and that control the 
operation of a
machine or product connected thereto, but that do not otherwise control the 
performance, display
or reproduction of copyrighted works that have an independent economic