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RE: [dvd-discuss] clean flicks and moral rights

Richard M. Hartman wrote:

>Someone already mentioned wanting to watch just the
>fight scenes in "The Matrix" . . . I can imagine similar
>alternate playlists being popular for, say, Jackie Chan 
>flicks . . . call it "coolware" instead of "highlightware".

coolware certainly flows off the tounge better.  The 
definition of "cool" (be it naughty or nice") matches the
meaning best of what the software is for.

In the broadest sense coolware could encorporate "local"
(for a given work) and "global" cool.  Imagine owning a
large library of "screwball" comedies, and being able to
view the library by "best double takes" or "double-
entendre" for the whole of the library.  The global
indexing/collage function is a generic "metaware" where
metadata is used to proceedurally drive the collage.

Of course for this very cool fair use, I'd need to have
space-shifted the content.  Illegal today (effectively),
but ironically to the harm of the copyright holder...
reduced use reducing the market value (the 4 part test
in reverse).