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Re: [dvd-discuss] 1201 reply comments

One thing to note is that the Librarian really wants "factual incidences" not 
speculation. I am working on adding some more arguments and factual incidences 
to a couple of the comments. If you know of any supporting facts, incidences, 
then by all means submit them. All you have to write is "I read comment #N and 
remember I had this problem....supply details and references...."

On many of the copy protection comments, if you have first hand knowledge and 
experinece with the problems then submit it. If nothing else, the experiences 
go into the public record so when the problems begin to snowball as we know 
they will they can't say "OH...no one told us"

REmember "to be forwarned is to have four arms" - K. Bundy.

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> In case some have forgotten, the copyright office, in their rulemaking
> proceeding mandated by the DMCA, is accepting reply comments until
> February 19th.
> http://www.copyright.gov/1201/comment_forms/