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Re: [dvd-discuss] clean flicks and moral rights

On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 11:21  PM, microlenz@earthlink.net 
>  IN the case of the DVD
> re-edits- that's incredibly laughable in view of the dozens of 
> different
> versions they already release. Indeed, I would contend  that if I 
> purchase a
> VHS tape that is NOT identical to the version shown in the theatres 
> and has not
> been labeled as such then a fraud has been committed upon me (e.g., The
> Graduate as seen on TV was not the same edit as the one in the 
> Theatre. The
> famous shot of Benjamin through Mr. Robinson's leg is missing)
It is a bit fraudulent. Many VHS films are shown using pan and scan-- 
instead of the original aspect ratio. Sometimes the director or 
cinematographer will grudgingly approve a crop job, but often this is 
shopped out to third parties-- who crop out important visual elements. 
This is quite apart from from the original directorial intent conceit.

I think you can (or could obtain a copy of the original version of E.T. 
by buying the "collector's gift pack." I doubt that Star Wars fans will 
be "blessed" with the same opportunity, but I digress.

Could Gosford Park be released as a clean version? Yes, with minimal 
effect on the story-- eight "f**ks, as cheerfully pointed out on the 
accompanying commentary tracks .. Will such a clean edit be done? 
Probably not, as the Mormons would doubtless find fault with the 
suggestion of incest, homosexuality, heterosexuality, etc... and find 
ways to wipe out actual content.

I suppose, that the alternative-- market confusion caused by a 
proliferation of "clean" versions is by far the worse scenario. I just 
hope that they won't be used in an educational setting.

(My high school English textbook included a copy of Julius Caeser, 
minus, peculiarly, a good part of Act 1, Scene 3. A classroom is no 
place for Bowdler.)