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Re: [dvd-discuss] various reactions to supreme court travesty

> On Sunday 19 January 2003 16:19, microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:
> > One should not tempt fate...personally, as a former jury member and juror
> > foreperson, I hope that my time is not spent dealing with this lamentable
> > law the next time I am summoned  because as the ultimate decider of fact,
> > there are far more important questions to decide involving judgment of the
> > lives of others. I find it difficult to hold copyright infringment as a
> > criminal offense greater than the strangulation  followed by being thrown
> > down a flight of stairs of the last case I sat in judgement with others.
> > Copyright offenses are pale things that border on insignificance.
dcsessions wrote:
> I'm not at all sure I agree.
> Too many people have died for freedom of speech and other
> "thought freedoms" to blithely toss them out as worth less than
> a single life.

The disrespect for copyright (and other laws) that the Bono Act land grab
engenders among coming generations is a greater threat than the actual loss 
of PD materials to any one artist or writer.

Some 3.x million people everyday are sharing (mostly) copyrighted materials
every day on KaZaa alone. While not a large number as Napster, this is everyday 
for years now. Add Morpheus, etc. and the disregard for the law is rampant.

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