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[dvd-discuss] [OT] DRM's precursor MRM

aka Magical Rights Management ... or proof that the RIAA has also been
here. :)

I was reading some old Dungeons and Dragons gaming material this
weekend. This product was about a fantasy gaming world. Specifically.
the first human empire that arose after humans had leaned magic. Magic
was as common in their everyday life as technology is common to us

I found the following magic item :)

Music box: This small box contained 40 songs that played randomly when
the device was activated. The device retained any song played within a
120-foot radius. Up to 20 songs could be retained, and the music box was
unable to record anything further once it was full. Music boxes couldn't
record music from other music boxes, making copying music from one to
another impossible.

Stephen L Johnson <sjohnson@monsters.org>