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RE: [dvd-discuss] Postage Meters and the "Right to Tinker"

> > How exactly is installing the program different to reading 
> > a book in this regard?
> One doesn't copy a book onto the hard drive to read it (typically).

No, you make a copy on your retina, which is just exactly the same
thing.  The copy on your retina is required to make use of the copyrighted
work, and is used in no other manner.  Just like the copy on your computer.

Sounds exaclty like 17 USC 117 to me. (pasted from John's post)

 "it is not an infringement for the owner of
    a copy of a computer program to make or
    authorize the making of another copy
    or adaptation of that computer program
    provided ... that such a new copy or
    adaptation is created as an essential step
    in the utilization of the computer program
    in conjunction with a machine and that it
    is used in no other manner ..."

It may still be a DMCA violation, but i think it is pretty clear that its not
copyright infringment. 

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