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Re: [dvd-discuss] Postage Meters and the "Right to Tinker"

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Mark Hore wrote:

> On Friday 10 January 2003 02:52, Dan Steinberg wrote:
> > ummmmm sorry but I would have to strongly disagree with that one.
> > by your reasoning...those dollar bills in your wallet are not valuable
> > in and of themselves. they too are merely tokens that prove...etc. etc.
> You are confusing the issue here. The printing of the stamps / money is a 
> separate issue from the passing off of those stamps as "Real" stamps. There 
> is no reason why you could not print billions of dollars in "monopoly money" 
> from this machine. Only passing this money off as being genuine govt. issue 
> notes would be illegal. You could even in theory use the "monopoly" money as 
> cash, at least in theory, by using it as a cheque.

Well, a check isn't cash, but you could certainly pay for stuff with 
monopoly money alone, if people are willing to accept it _as_ monopoly 

For an example, check out JSG Boggs.