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Re: [dvd-discuss] Churches sue critic for linking and posting aC&Dletter

> Maybe we should look at this as reductio ad absurdum. If EVERYTHING is 
> copyrighted at the Berne Convention, CTEA and certain members of the 
> "Intellectual Property" intelligensia, then EVERYTHING becomes copyright 
> infringement. 

Well that's easy: I don't accept the berne convention as being a valid law
;)  They can write a law into a book tomorrow saying all white people have
to pay twice as much tax as others, it doesn't make it legally valid.

> Personally, I don't think, a C&D letter satisfies the 
> originality requuirement for copyright.

I agree.

> BTW -  Since the Ds lawyer had to make a copy for his files, whey don't 
> they sue him/her for copyright infringement too :-)

Presumably because he has the ownership of the copyright and permission to
republish, or at least permission.  (and he isn't republishing).

 -- noah silva