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Re: [dvd-discuss] Jon Johansen acquitted!!

Steve Hosgood wrote:
> Mikael Pawlo <mikael@pawlo.com> wrote:
>>Anyway - I am just here to rain on your parade.

Rain is good when you have had several days in a row with 15 to
20 deg C below.

>>The law is about to be changed. Norway will follow the European Union and
>>the European Copyright Directive and will as a member of EEC implement a
>>version of the WIPO Copyright Treaty, that also served as inspiration for
>>the U.S. Digital Millenium Copyright Act.
> True, but unless someone in Norway knows better, it may be that Norway
> chooses to do nothing about EUCD. They may consider that Norway's copyright
> legislation already implements all the requirements of the directive.

The Department of Culture is expected to release the draft proposal in

> I don't hold out much hope for the UK's future legislation, but at least
> the patent office here is listening to the arguments at all. Maybe it's the
> same thing in Norway.

We know that the DoC will listen. However, their hands are tied by the
directive. Still, seems like the Johansen case has finally sparked some
real discussion about copyright in the general media.

> Whatever: congratulations to Jon and his team.

There is a tounge-in-cheek discussion on EFN's internal mailing list
whether we should send flowers to the prosecution or not. The
prosecution was actually Jon's best defence, they totally blew the case.

Most of the time in court was spent reading excerpts of IRC logs out of
context to make Jon look bad (and revealing that Norway's top computer
crime prosecutor does not even know what an emoticon is).

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