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RE: [dvd-discuss] Re: TurboTax for free?

On 01/08/03 at 09:12, 'twas brillig and Richard Hartman scrobe:
> >
> > But lo and behold, the keyblock itself is itself encrypted. To decode 
> > the DVD, i have to have bought a player. Authorization is denied 
> > despite the sale. To obtain authorization, I must buy a player.
> ... a _sanctioned_ player.  Which Jon did not when
> he wanted to view his DVDs on his Linux box ...
> > 
> > So, I go down to the electronics store and secure myself a player. As 
> > it fits my legal strategy, I make sure this acquisition is obtained 
> > with cash, rather than sleight of hand. A few hours later, in the wee 
> > hours of the morning, I secure myself a large DVD collection--and all 
> > with the approval of the CCA's legal department.
> > 
> ... but you've relegated poor Jon to prison for
> circumventing the DVD protection when he views
> his DVDs on his home-brewed Linux player.  Isn't
> that what we've been fighting against?

	Somehow, I suspect that Jon did not construct his DVD hardware
out of spare parts, but rather bought a mass-manufactured DVD drive
from one of the DVDCCA cartel participants. I am sure that drive came
with a key. So Jon was doubtless in possession of a key, nu?

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