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Re: [dvd-discuss] DVD Jon

On Wednesday, January 8, 2003, at 11:05  AM, Steve Hosgood wrote:

> I notice that the "DVD Jon" story gets front page coverage on the 
> Herald
> Tribune today. Seems that the paper swallows all the Hollywood hype 
> about
> how CSS is vital for "preventing piracy" and other such crap, and how 
> the
> *content* of a DVD (that is your property) somehow is still the 
> property of
> Hollywood.
Which "herald-tribune" is this?
heraldtribune.com -> Sarasota Herald Tribune
newyorkheraldtribune.com -> New York Herald Tribune
iht.com -> International Herald Tribune

The iht.com article appeared in the nytimes site.

The Guardian also has a nice article, but it's not front page.