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Re: [dvd-discuss] TurboTax for free?

Another question is if you DO find an access number that does allow you access, do you have any obligation to keep it secret? There is no contractual obligation on your part (except possibly in states where UCITA is the law) What's annoying is that you are inconvenienced by receiving it and disposing of it properly....history repeats itself...remember cuecat?

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01/07/2003 09:44 AM
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Here's an interesting puzzle.

I recieved in the mail -- unsolicited -- a CD with
TurboTax 2002 on it.  The instructions say that to
access it I need to have internet access and a credit
card.  Obviously this is a protected program, with
the intention that I pay them before it is unlocked.
If I break the protection I would (of course) be subject
to prosecution under the DMCA.

However ... IIRC anything recieved unsolicted in the
mail is a _gift_, and as such I should be able to
access it w/o having to make any payment to the sender
... right?

-Richard M. Hartman

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