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Re: [dvd-discuss] New EFF staff attorney

That's good news but as California Residents shouldn't we be saying "Welcome to 
California...now please go home?" ;-) OTOH the guy who said that to me almost 
19 yrs ago now lives in the Boston Area (MIT grad) so maybe it's quid pro quo.

To ease the culture shock...Wendy here's a few do's and don'ts

Do Visit Moe's Books in Berkeley...Berkeley's great but look out for the stix 
down the bay...

Don't visit SillyCone Valley on Weekends before noon...you can't find anyplace 
to eat breakfast except at Dennys

Togos gets tiresome for lunch after enough time.

The Sushi Bar in the Mall area in Sunnyvale is great - the chef hates sushi 
(which surprised me years ago) His Saba is excellent and unlike others you 
won't taste it for several days.

SillyCone Valley has all the charm of a microchip.

You now have to drive out of SillyCone Valley to go to Harry's Hofbrau...

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> Tho' she hasn't seen fit to say anything herself, now that it's official, 
> I'll say it for her.
> It is my pleasure to re-acquaint you with EFF's newest staff attorney:
>       http://www.eff.org/contact.html
>       Wendy Seltzer, Staff Attorney (Intellectual Property)
>       wendy@eff.org
>       +1 415 436 9333 x125
>       bio coming soon
> Let's all wish Wendy well, and luck.  I kinda know her bosses, she may need it. 
> '-)
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