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Re: [dvd-discuss] Pavlovich dvd case heading to SCOTUS

> What exactly does it mean to stay a finding of no jurisdiction?
> Usually, don't you just petition for certiori? What is the urgency 
> here that
> could possibly justify a stay? What is the immediate effect of this 
> stay? Will
> Pavlovich now be treated "as if" jurisdiction applied to him, so that 
> he too is
> included within the current ruling that DeCSS does not violate trade 
> secrets?

One of the news accounts I read seemed to imply the DVD-CCA (or 
whatever initials) wanted the court's intervention to prevent the 
further dissemination of the program. If this is being reported 
accurately and I'm reading it correctly, it shows no awareness of 
reality. Once Frank Stevenson published his cryptanalysis of the 
incompetent CSS algorithm it was clear that no vendor keys were needed. 
Current implementations can use brute force (sequentially testing each 
possible distinct key) to find one that works. No matter what the 
courts decide that copy of libdvdcss remains on my drive and available 
from the vlc project in Paris.