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Re: [dvd-discuss] Pavlovich dvd case heading to SCOTUS

At 12:14 AM 12/31/2002 -0500, Jeremy Erwin wrote:
>As no one else has seen fit to post this rather important development
>The Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether the California courts 
>should have jurisdiction over Matt Pavlovich, and whether websites meets 
>the "minimum contact" standard required for such jurisdiction.

No, the Supreme Court has not agreed to do anything.  One Justice, Sandra 
Day O'Connor, agreed to a stay while there are additional submissions wrt 
whether the Court should grant cert.

This does not mean that O'Connor will agree to hear the case, and no one 
knows what other Justices might say when the time comes, which this 
wasn't.  It takes 5 Justice's vote to grant cert., this was a relatively 
routine stay application that can be, and was, acted on by a single Justice.

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