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Re: [dvd-discuss] banned software on sale in compusa

"James S. Tyre" wrote:

> John, John, John, you suffer from short term memory loss.  ;-)

Right. The first three things that go with age are memory, ... hang on a
minute... I had the other two just a second ago... <snores and drools
into keyboard>

> Remember when RIAA promptly backtracked, "no, it wasn't a real threat,
> there's no real controversy here"?

Right, but these are comments while the case is under consideration. 
Can't somebody report these guys the the state bar or something.  There
current *public statements* are at odds with current submissions before
the court.  The RIAA at least had the good sense to match it's later
filings with it's later public pronouncements.

> Remember when the court bought it?

Yes I remember, but at see supra -- at least *they* were being

> Precedent, baby, precedent.

Scary, baby, scary.

> (I hope you weren't expecting a more formal answer, grounded squarely in
> textbook law.  This is the real world, not law school.)

So, is N2H2 foolish enough to admit to an actual controversy or are they
chapter 3 of the "Lawsuit! Psyche! Chronicles of meta-SLAPPing" ?