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[dvd-discuss] Power play

How wonderful!

This evening I was waiting for my daughter and her boyfriend
to meet me for dinner and while waiting wandered into a
Bookstar (Barnes & Nobel by another name.)  There by the
door, they had a number of nice reprints of Dickens and
other classics in quality binding.  I see a copy of the
Brothers Grimm, and open it to see what they've done.

In place of the usual copyright notice, they simply have
"All rights reserved.  Reproduction or any other use of
this book without the publisher's written permission is
strictly prohibited."

No copyright notice or date, just the assertion that the
book and "any use" requires prior arrangements.  Looks
like they're already setting up for EULAs on books, with
"forever minus a day" control even over stuff that never
was under US copyright!

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