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[dvd-discuss] [OT] elcomsoft/sklyarov jury denied text of law?

	The premier IT fishwra^Wrags report that the jury in the
Elcomsoft case wanted a copy of the DMCA text, and the judge denied
the request. WTF?


    Wired reports that since retiring the jury has requested
    clarification on the DMCA from the trial judge. Initially, the
    jury requested a copy of the 100+ page Act to assist in their
    deliberations. U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte declined
    this request, instead offering to answer questions on parts of the
    law they need to consider in order to reach a verdict in the case.

	How in hell are the jurors supposed to understand the law and
whether it applies if they're not allowed to READ it?

		Ole, in complete disbelief
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