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Re: [dvd-discuss] A DMCA protected identity-theft scam

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 01:29:54PM -0600, John Schulien wrote:
> Therefore, this whole identity theft scam is fully
> DMCA-protected! Under a strict reading of the law,
> it would be a violation of 17 USC 1201(a)  for me to a
> alter the decryption program in such a way as to
> display the identity-theft program (and learn what the
> identity-theft program actually did), and it would be a
> violation of 17 USC 1201(b) for anyone to reveal
> how to do it.

Great work!  You should make an effort to share this example with other 
interested parties.  Bet a few news folks would be interested in hearing 

An interesting though experiment: what if the javascript encryption scheme 
were a commercial product, used by both good and bad sites?  Breaking the 
scheme to expose the bad site could easily earn you a civil lawsuit from 
the cypher author, as well as the good sites.

There's also a weak parallel between this and the fact that it's just as 
illegal to break CSS to defeat region-coding as it is illegal to break CSS 
to perform copyright infringement.

You've exposed the best DMCA-is-bad example yet.  *applause*