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Re: [dvd-discuss] Gaming the system (was: Specific ironies of the CTEA)

On Thursday, December 12, 2002, at 08:03  PM, Kurt Hockenbury wrote:

> [*] For that matter, this discrepancy means that in the case of music, 
> where
> the song and the recording have seperate copyrights, the song 
> belonging to the
> author and the recording to the studio, the two expire at different 
> times
> unless the author dies exactly 25 years after recording.  If the 
> author dies
> earlier, the song enters the public domain before his or her recording 
> does,
> by up to 25 years.  On the other hand, if the author recorded young 
> (say 15)
> but lives a long time (100, like Strom Thurman), then the recording 
> will enter
> the public domain sixty years before the song does.

Interesting. Suppose the recording enters the public domain, before the 
song does. Technically, the recording is a derivative work of the song. 
If an individual chooses to distribute the now PD recording, could his 
actions be thwarted by the songwriter's estate?