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Re: [dvd-discuss] Specific ironies of the CTEA

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What about missing-and-presumed-dead?  Is the copyright clock ticking, for 
example, on some of the POW/MIAs?  Amelia Earhart?  AFAIK, nobody's ever 
signed a Death Certificate on Amelia Earhart...

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Michael A Rolenz wrote:

>The corpsicle argument, doesn't pass muster since the definition of death 
>is a legal one-and very well established over many years. 
>If the author is legally dead and then thrown into the vat. He's Dead and 
>the copyright expiration clock starts ticking.
>If he isn't legally dead, then when thrown into the vat of liquid helium 
>they will be dead because after being pulled out of the vat of helium the 
>corpsicle starts to putrify once it thaws out. And if the author was still 
>very much alive when thrown into the vat that's called homicide and they 
>are legally dead. And if they threw themselves it's called suicide and 
>they are legally dead so legally So the copyright expiration clock starts 
>ticking after being thrown into the vat of helium. ...A corpsicle is still 
>a corpse by the legally accepted definition of DEATH.
>SOmeone can define an info-theo defn. of death but that doens' mean that 
>it's a legal one. IN this case, the info-theo defn. of death has no 
>meaning either.
>The real question is not when the author dies legally but how do you 
>determine it? 
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>Michael A Rolenz wrote:
>> "information-theoretic death depends on presently unknown details of
>>  how the brain works." has no meaning. What that says is X is defined
>> by something unknown...
>Exactly!  The current length of copyright has no meaning.  X, the
>current length of copyright, is defined by something unknown, when
>the author dies.

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