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RE: [dvd-discuss] Specific ironies of the CTEA

From the cryonics faq at:

there are 3 different definitions of "dead" that they use.

clinical death - A person is clinically dead if they are in cardiac 
	arrest and their pupils do not contract when light is shined 
	into them. 

information-theoretic death - A person has reached information-theoretic 
	death if a healthy state of that person could not possibly be 
	deduced from the current state. The exact timing of 
	information-theoretic death depends on presently unknown details of 
	how the brain works. The current best estimates put it several hours

	after clinical death.

legal death - A person is legally dead if a doctor has signed a death 
	certificate with his or her name on it. This tends to happen when 
	the doctor believes that modern technology will not be able to 
	restore them to health. The criteria for legal death change with

If no physician signs a death certificate, the the person wouldn't be
dead, right? Maybe clinically, but that isn't what matters to copyright law.

I think this makes a great counter to "life+" on the term. 

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Well medically they are dead, they are just not decomposing as with the
other dead. I don't know anyone who has survived a bath in liquid
helium...or do they use liquid nitrogen? 

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> Hey...here's another funny thing that could happen...suppose an 
> author disappears and is declared dead after 7(?) years. His estate 
> sells of all his belongings, gives them away or whatever and distributes
> his assets to heirs. Then the author shows up (Not implausible. Bierced
> disappeared. Traven of Treasure of the Sierre Madre reclused to Mexico).
> Who owns the copyright? Copyright is a FEDERAL right. Being declared
> dead is a state or local one. 

What about cryogenics? An author is frozen and NEVER declared dead.