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Re: [dvd-discuss] COMDEX speech

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On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Joshua Stratton wrote:

>And of course, where Lucas says that expensive works might not be 
>created... well, okay. That's regrettable perhaps but not really bad.
>If we had forever - 1 day terms, I'm sure that people would be more 
>willing to invest in new works, and we might have billion dollar movies. 

Interesting thing here is that Lucas in particular seems to have this
inverse proportionality with film quality and amount spent on the film...  
"Star wars: a new hope" was the cheapest of the entire "trilogy of
trilogies" that became two trilogies, but is unarguably the best of the

>I'm willing to forgoe that. Even if films became a cottage industry, much 
>like textual fiction (cottage at the production level anyway -- not the 
>publishing level), then at least we can know that the churn, the constant 
>drawing from the public domain in the creation of new works, is working in 
>our favor and reducing the _need_ for large investments.
>If I had been there to listen to Lucas making such a pronouncement, I 
>would've stood up and clapped. I'm not against the zillion dollar 
>blockbuster, but I see no reason to especially protect it either. It isn't 
>as though it is objectively better than something produced on a 

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FINE, I take it back: UNfuck you!

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