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Re: [dvd-discuss] A TPM without use limitations -- thoughts?

daw@mozart.cs.berkeley.edu wrote:
> John Zulauf wrote:
> >A fingerprint raises the confidence of the copyright holder that
> >they can find and eliminate commercially significant unauthorized copies
> >and copying.
> And what if future Morpheus or Gnutella clients automatically include
> code to strip fingerprints?  Just trying to understand the risks from
> the point of view of the record companies.

I've thought of that.  The way to beat this is to make sure the
fingerprint is value add in some way.  A website that turns fingerprints
into meta-data links incorporated into MusicMatch would be better than
the current scheme of "whatever the user typed in".  It would be very
cool to have the liner-notes, lyrics, and credits tagged to the
fingerprint.  Clearly someone could embedded the fingerprint ID into a
MP3 ID tag and .... but I'd imagine that most of the commercial players
would have some pressure not to do this, as well as the security/issues
of allowing a tag in an MP3 to take you to a website -- (and it is pR0n
and you're at work... no thanks). Other possibilities are those I've
mentioned in other emails -- valuable prizes, automated ratings systems,
et. al.

  Essentially, though the thrust would be twofold.

(a) Provide value-add to entice the end-user to value and thus want to
keep the fingerprint because of what it enables

(b) Differentially prosecuting removal and non-removal cases, especially
if one can get a "implicit intent" precedent for publicly shared
fingerprint  removed works.

The old carrot and stick.  The stick does stink from the user point of
view, but is far better than the current trend toward locking  away our
fair uses.