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Re: [dvd-discuss] Goodbye, Fritz!

On 11/07/02 at 08:17, 'twas brillig and Michael A Rolenz scrobe:

> Well that may be the only good thing in this last election. Any ideas 
> about who might take over or will they simply say "Fritz Your really one 
> of us"?....I don't know about some of the other states elections but As 
> far as I was concerned the California gubernatorial race was the suckiest 
> I've ever had the displeasure to vote.

	Remember all the hubbub about the corruption leading up to the
Salt Lake City Olympics? Well, here in ma.us we will now have the guy
who ran them, and the nicest thing I can find to say about him is that
his first name[1] rhymes perfectly with my opinion of him. 

	Meanwhile, the quote-democratic-unquote[2] speaker of the
state legislature has managed to stonewall funding the contract I've
been working under since July of 2001. About the only bright spot in
my five minutes at the polls was the fact that I could check a box
alluding to my contempt for him, even though he's not from my
district. (The text next to said box lacked any verbiage that would
adequately *express* my contempt, such language generally not being
deemed appropriate for ballots or indeed any other form of print.)


[1]: said first name is "Mitt". 
[2]: this is a union contract, unions and dems are usually on speaking
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