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Re: [dvd-discuss] OT- A Chilling Effects Episode in the Making

The lawsuits are an empty threat I would imagine. If they were to go to
court, then the problems they were having would become part of the public
record. That would only serve to make the problems more public. Even if the
people being threatened by the lawsuit stopped talking, their would be
others that would take their place.

Even though it is wrong to try to quiet people by using legal action.

It would be like trying to stop people from talking about the problem of
Firestone tires on Ford Explorers.

By the way, I would worked as an electronic tech at a production company.
They used a lot of these capacitors in production and the number of things
that could go wrong with them was amazing, even if the parts came from
reputable sources. If they explode the reason is that they are backwards in
the circuit. Many of them exploded with more force than a firecracker. They
would be marked wrong, or placed in the circuit wrong. Sometimes the
reversal would not be noticed until they had been in the field for a while.

The thing is that billions of these are being used in everything. So even a
small percentage of failures is going to represent a large number. It's just

By the way, problems with capicitors _are not_ the only problems the
assemblies had. As more is crammed in less space, there are going to be more
defects. It's just statistics.

I am looking for a small side business. I might look into this.

Phillip K.

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> "Nor is the problem confined just to the United States. Capacitor
> meltdowns are
> being reported across Europe and Asia, where white-box PCs are a standard
> fixture. While theories vary as to what actually causes the leaks
> everything from
> watered down electrolyte to static electricity in many cases customers are
> demanding the boards be replaced or fixed and are threatening to sue the
> integrators.
> The integrators, in turn, have complained to the board manufacturers and
> have
> traded information in online newsgroups. When that happens, they say
> motherboard and capacitor makers threaten their own round of lawsuits."
> In a Capitalistic Society, they could buy capacitors from someone else
> But not if they don't know that there is a problem when they can't talk
> about it...