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Re: [dvd-discuss] Eldred Transcript Online

I think the justices must have been very frustrated with S.G. Olson.
After repeated questions and run-around answers on what is a limit.
The justices finally paraphrase Olson's arguments just to see if he
knows how to say a simple yes (or no).

I like the remark from Justice O'Connor:
  "But if we affirm here, is there any limiting principle
   out there that would ever kick in?"

Olson's reply sounded like a no.

Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> Very interesting reading. The Justices were discussing the issue with
> Lessig, probing, exploring arguments, but with S.G. Olson, they were
> almost antagonistic....as in "OK what's the limit. GIVE ME A LIMIT. IF YOU
> CAN"T GIVE ME A LIMIT ONE DOES NOT EXIST" I think there is no question
> that they Supremes are leaning towards Lessig, the question is one of
> Judicial restraint and using the golden bullets.....