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RE: [dvd-discuss] "El Dread" slammed in The Register

It's also obvious that his grasp of math is quite lacking.  The calculations, which even the government has reluctantly acknowledged to appear accurate, show that any further extensions from life plus 50 has a negligible effect on income to the author.

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Someone from a usually-enlightened paper Just Doesn't Get It:


    "The problem is that Eldred simply doesn't understand how
    publishing works. He's obviously never written a book. He doesn't
    understand how much time and money goes into producing a book; he
    doesn't know how authors' rights work; and he doesn't know, or
    care, that print-on-demand books earn nothing for the author.
    Essentially, he doesn't know how little money an author would make
    if it weren't for a nice, long copyright in his name. Indeed, most
    authors earn precious little as it is. If it weren't for the
    incentives the copyright law provides, far fewer people with good
    ideas would venture into publishing and our lives would be even
    poorer than they are."

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