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RE: [dvd-discuss] Court Sides With Geac in Mainframe Software Cas e

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 15:13, Richard Hartman wrote:

> Note that this is an issue also in the case of automobile
> diagnostic systems.  As engines get more advanced, the
> auto manufacturers have integrated diagnostic chips into
> them.  Now the meaning of some of the diagnostic codes 
> are being witheld from non-dealer service centers.  I 
> don't think this comes under the DMCA, since diagnostic
> information is not copyrightable, but there is certainly
> a parallel as far as the "maintaining a monopoly in their
> service business" aspect.  

The ROM is certainly copyrighted, and if the automakers
could argue that the protocol for communicating with the
system is a technological means for controlling access
to said ROM functions, just as CSS controls access to
the functions stored on a DVD.

At that point, reverse-engineering the protocol would
be directly covered by the /2600/ precedent and it
would not only be illegal to use the results but to
discuss them as well.

(See how cleverly I brought this back on-topic?)

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