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[dvd-discuss] [OT-Fun} Fantasy Supreme Court League

For allaya lawyer wannabes, and Gawd knows there are tons of you here, even 
if you're not prepared to admit it.  ;-)

To make the game at least slightly list-relevant, note that _Eldred_ is one 
of the selected cases.


Fantasy Supreme Court League

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In the Fantasy Supreme Court League, "players" will attempt to predict the 
outcome of 9 cases that will come before the Supreme Court in its 2002-2003 
"season", which will run from October 2002 through June 2003.  The winner 
of the contest will receive a cash prize of $500 and will be named 
"Armchair Jurist of the Year."

Players will receive 10 points for each correct outcome.  Moreover, players 
will receive additional points for choosing the proper "vote spread," which 
will be the number of votes by which the case is decided.  For instance, if 
a case is decided by a 5-4 margin, the vote spread is 1 point.  Likewise, 
if a case is decided unanimously (9-0), then the vote spread is 9 
points.  A player will receive an additional 15 points for choosing the 
exact vote spread.  Otherwise, the player will receive a number of points 
equal to 10 minus the difference of his prediction and the actual vote 
spread.  For instance, let's suppose a player predicts a 5 point vote 
spread and actual vote spread is only 1 point.  In this case, the player 
will receive 6 additional points (10 - ( 5 - 1)).  Of course, in order to 
receive any bonus points, the player must have correctly predicted the 
outcome of the case in the first place.

In addition, to "playing" 9 cases, each player will also choose a 
"Tie-Breaker Justice."  In the event of a tie, the winner will be the 
player whose Tie-Breaker Justice voted on the winning side of the case most 
often.  For instance, let's suppose that, at the end of the contest, two 
players are tied with 225 points (yeah right!).  In this event, the tie 
will be broken by looking at their respective Tie-Breaker Justices.  If 
Player 1 chose Justice Scalia, who voted with the majority in 5 of the 
cases, and Player 2 chose Justice Breyer, who voted with the majority in 6 
of the cases, then Player 2 will be declared the winner.  In the unlikely 
event of a tie in the tie-breaker, all winning players will share the cash 
prize equally.

In the event that a ruling is ambiguous and a winner can not be determined, 
Lawpsided reserves the right to modify the contest in the matter it deems 
best.  Also, if the Supreme Court fails to decide one or more cases prior 
to the end of the season, then the case(s) will be dropped from the contest 
and the winner will be determined based upon the cases then decided.


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