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Re: [dvd-discuss] Copyright Office to Consider AnticircumventionExemptions

On Fri, 2002-10-11 at 10:11, Seth Johnson wrote:
> (Not sure exactly what this is, or what to make of it, but
> it appears the Copyright Office is entertaining input on
> types of works that would be exempt from anticircumvention
> rules.  From U.S. Copyright Office NewsNet Issue 171.  --
> Seth)

What possible difference could it make?
As long as the "trafficking" clause is read as
broadly as it has been in the /2600/ Court, all
forms of "circumvention" are effectively proscribed,
even for material not under copyright.

They could declare that there are *no* works covered
by the "circumvention" clause and as long as it's
illegal to trade, create, or discuss the means to do
so it's all dead letters.

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