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Re: [dvd-discuss] [OT] Money-where-your-mouth-is department

microlenz@earthlink.net writes:

: On 10 Oct 2002 at 22:36, Joshua Stratton wrote:
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: > Nevertheless, I don't care for the imposition on the first-sale rights of 
: > the CD. It's great that noncommercial copying and sharing is permitted, 
: > but you might like to resell the original CD sometime, even if you cannot 
: > resell the copies from it.
: That's a good point. While the Shrink wrap license is an abominiation, going 
: the other extreme and using one to allow copying but not sale of personal 
: property is also an abomination. If shrinkwrap licenses are odeous then one 
: tailored to be less odeous is still odeous.

I think that the clause should be read as limited to forbiding---or, more
exactly, not permitting---the selling of copies of the original disk
and its contents.  It is a true license, giving limited permission and 
forbidding nothing.  The first sale doctrine still applies.  And Baen
Books is not going to complain about the sale of the original disk.

: > On 10 Oct 2002, D. C. Sessions wrote:
: > 
: > > This week I picked up a copy of David Weber's new Honor Harrington
: > > story, _War_of_Honor_.  In the back there's this CD from Baen
: > > Books.  On examination, it contains 38 plain-HTML books, including
: > > all of the other books in the Honor Harrington univers, plus filk,
: > > artwork, supplemental material, etc.
: > > 
: > > The T&C?  As printed on the CD, "This disk and its contents may
: > > be copied and shared but NOT sold."

And, for that matter, they are not going to complain about the sale of
a single copy.  They just want to keep other publishers from cashing

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