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Re: [dvd-discuss] Couple of links:

Did anyone notice that Berman writes at times in the third person feminine 
? Who does he think "She" is?

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Two links I found interesting:

1. Digital Choice and Freedom Act of 2002:
http://www.house.gov/lofgren/press/107press/021002_summary.htm This is
just the law we've been waiting for.  Most of the news sites say it
doesn't have a chance of being voted on this session, but it probably
wouldn't be a bad thing to write the congresscritters and let them know we
support this bill.

2. Article by Howard Berman:  (from the pro-copyright side...)


Really not a bad article, considering that at least he has thought about
the potential for abuse.  I think it would actually be an acceptable
balance, if it worked out that way.   The copyright cops will never be
able to win a technology race...

IMHO, There would still be people who would successfully "seed" fake files
for the copyright cops to find, to mess things up a bit.

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