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Re: [dvd-discuss] Celebs against shorter patent duration

Ditto....did you notice that the drug companies have taken yet another 
swipe at generic drugs....You can bet money that the next thing will be 
the Drug Patent Term Extension Act (DPTEA - pronounded DIP-TEA)....one of 
the other problems with the continual term extensions for copyright is 
that it also encourages the "me too" for other industries....if copyright 
is so awful long and that's a good thing why not increase patent 
protection too....

mickeym <mickeym@mindspring.com>
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10/02/2002 09:33 AM
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I wasn't aware that there was a bill to shorten the patent duration for 
drugs, but it doesn't surprise me who else (besides the drug co's) would 
be against it. I still can't reconcile the huge difference between 
patent vs copyright duration. I suppose I'm actually okay with the 17 
year patent, in contrast to the 95+ year copyright.