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Re: [dvd-discuss] DVD Editing

On Saturday, September 21, 2002, at 03:42  PM, D. C. Sessions wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-09-21 at 07:17, Joshua Stratton wrote:
>> Sorry if this has shown up before -- my mail's been going up and down
>> lately.
>> Anyway, we all recall the practice of editing DVDs to remove 
>> objectionable
>> content being mentioned here before.
>> So it's kind of sad that we diddn't anticipate editing DVDs to add
>> objectionable content. Assuming that these guys follow through, it 
>> might
>> actually hold up as a parody. Maybe.
>> There's more on this here:
>> http://salon.com/people/satire/2002/09/20/filthy/index.html
> "Rod Cumming, 34, president of FilthyFlicks Ltd., a film production
> company in Reseda,"
> I sure hope that he *adopted* that name.
Satire being what it is, it's probably a case of nominative determinism.

I remain convinced that such editing is (for lack of  a more 
appropriate term) blasphemous.

Here's a little snippet from  Altman's commentary on the "Gosford Park" 
DVD that describes how the MPAA rating system distorts film---

(Chapter 5 19.39)
"And here's another one of my "fucks". I had [Tom Hollander?] do most 
of the language and we put in a number of, the word "fuck" appears 
about I think, oh please --four times we would have gotten a "PG" 
rating-- about eight, 12 times. And we did that on purpose, just to be 
sure and get an "R" rating, because I didn't want fourteen year old 
boys coming off the street to see this film, because they wouldn't like 
it. But um. So instead of trying to move the barrier the other 
direction, to allow kids in, we went the other way because I didn't 
want kids in to see this film. Especially boys. They wouldn't get it. 
Too much testosterone."