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[dvd-discuss]OT-CA DOJ released information regaring product known as "Hotbar"

OT but here's another bit of mischief......It's OK if MPAA does DoS. It's 
OK if Hotbar does a virus but let's throw Melissa's writer in jail until 
he dies of old age...

The CA DOJ Network and Information Security Unit released the following
message ....

The Network and Information Security Unit (NISU) has become aware that
a product known as "Hotbar" is spreading to desktop computers throughout
state government. This product is marketed as an enhancement which will
add color and/or pictures to your Internet Explorer toolbar. However,
the fine print of the Hotbar Privacy Policy states that "Hotbar collects
and stores information about the web pages you view and the data you
enter in search engines." In reality, this product is tracking your
activities on the Internet and reporting those activities to an external
entity for future marketing.


 You should also be aware that even if
you opt to "uninstall" or delete this program, it will continue to run
on your desktop and report your Internet activities to Hotbar. The only
difference is that you won't see the dressed up toolbar.