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Re: [dvd-discuss] Chain sues to edit films

Jeremy Erwin wrote:
> On Friday, August 30, 2002, at 06:13  PM, Michael A Rolenz wrote:
>> It doesn't look like they are CSS'ed, region encoded....
> The DGA according to the cnn article 
> (http://www.cnn.com/2002/SHOWBIZ/Movies/08/30/film.lawsuit.reut/index.html)
>  was also planning on suing a number of other companies, including the 
> manufacturers of "Movie Shield" (http://www.movieshield.com/) which, 
> IMHO had a much stronger defense. MovieShield required no copying-- it 
> was simply
>  "an electronic device that connects between your VCR or DVD and 
> television set. You simply download data for the movie you want to 
> watch, and everything else is done for you.
> We have already previewed the movie and determined when to blank the 
> video screen and/or mute the sound. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy a 
> movie without the offensive material!"
> I don't know what to say. I imagine that many directors would be 
> insulted to learn that their films could be enjoyed in a butchered manner.
> Michael Rolenz mentioned:
> " I find some of the DGA's arguments about integrity to be 
> comical....remember "The Graduate" The most famous shot in the whole 
> film disappeared when recut for video."
> Could you supply some details, please? Perhaps the director was, in 
> fact, unamused, at this abridgement. Personally, as a film buff, I find 
> the unabridged OAR cuts to be the most rewarding.
> Jeremy

The 'movie shield' method should be easy to defend, and the practice of 
offering an edited version of a personally owned copy should be 
defendable, as well. The 'clean cut' method, though, sounds like they 
are taking in a DVD and converting it into a VCD. I wonder, do they 
return the original?