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Re: [dvd-discuss] Chain sues to edit films

It doesn't look like they are CSS'ed, region encoded....

Interesting viewpoint From their Website:

Q   Is it legal to edit movies?

     Yes. MyCleanFlicks is a Co-operative rental club. All
     subscribers to our service become members of the
     Co-op. The Co-op collectively purchases original,
     unedited DVD movies then has them edited - always
     maintaining a 1 to 1 ratio of edited and non-edited

     As owners of the original, unedited movies, the Co-op
     has the right to edit out content that is objectionable to
     its members - similar to how you might press mute to
     avoid hearing objectionable language today.
     Accordingly, you must subscribe as a member of the
     rental club before you can rent edited movies. 


     Do edited DVDs play in all DVD players?

     While this is very rare, some older model DVD players
     may have trouble playing edited DVDs. If your DVD
     player experiences problems playing our edited
     DVDs, and you have already tried cleaning your DVD
     according to our cleaning instructions, please notify
     our Customer Service departmen


     Do the E-Rated movies come with the original DVD
     menu items, subtitles, and additional features intact?

     No. All menu items found on original, un-edited DVDs
     are lost during the editing process. For example, if an
     original, un-edited DVD contains a menu option to
     view the DVD movie with Spanish subtitles, that
     option will not be available on the edited copy of that

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Looking at their website, they offer "edited DVD's", I wonder how that's 

Are they still CSS'ed? Region coded? Macrovisioned?


Michael A Rolenz wrote:

>Deja vu all over again......and part of the "what-if" was also digital 
>play lists...right now the DGA is still in the analog age....OTOH given 
>the way they have edited films for TV, Broadcast and even Video, I find 
>some of the DGA's arguments about integrity to be comical....remember 
>Graduate" The most famous shot in the whole film disappeared when recut 
>for video.
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>This was covered as a "what-if" on this list some time ago....mickeym