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Re: [dvd-discuss] DMCA Twist

It's easy to see why the company caved -- they didn't want to lose their bread and butter. It would be easy for Apple to withhold technical information that would allow them to engineer their product in the first place.

Apple counts on people throwing out their old macs and getting new ones. That is why here (in Utah at least) the previous generation of macs show up in the thrift stores on such a regular basis. That is why they won't open the source code to their 7.5 operating system either -- because that would make a ton of old macs instantly useful again.

It's really to bad that they caved really. This would have been a *prime* case to show how the DMCA is being abused on a regular basis. It makes me seethe.

You know, I'm not a mac guy. I don't have any DVD macs or ones with firewire. I am primarily a hardware tech that can troubleshoot electronics to the component level. I have not done any low level mac programming. But I learn fast.

If there is anyone in the Salt Lake City Utah area that would like to engineer a software patch that allows older macs to write their DVDs that they create to an external DVD drive via a firewire port I would be willing to be a part of the project.

It would be great to feed Apple some DMCA crow pie.

Phillip K.