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Re: (Fwd) RE: [dvd-discuss] Christian Science Monitor Article on D

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002 PSYchiccr@aol.com wrote:
> They should only have the rights to something they created from
> scratch.

Nobody creates anything.  We are not gods.

We process things.  We move things from one form to another.

You cannot create something from scratch.  You always need materials and
knowledge.  Materials are perhaps gathered or grown or fashioned from
further removed materials.  Knowledge is infinitely reproducable without
materials and is shared between one person and another or harvested from
experience with the whole universe.  At some point, the materials you use
to "create" a newly assembled thing are merely appropriated out of
perceived need.

Ownership is a claim of right and proprietorship over something that
existed before you and will exist after you.  It was appropriated out of
need in the first place and you have no right to prevent it from being
appropriated out of need in the future.

Eliminate the concept of "deserving" and you eliminate most of the cause
of suffering.

     Jeme A Brelin
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