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(Fwd) RE: [dvd-discuss] Christian Science Monitor Article on D

On 26 Aug 2002 at 20:48, Jeme A Brelin wrote:

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> On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Richard Hartman wrote:
> > Well, don't get _too_ down on those greedy moguls.  Greed, when it
> > comes down to it, is what motivates us all.
> I absolutely reject this line of reasoning.

And doesn't openlaw.org refute that too? Am I motivated by greed when I write
TWIKI strings? Was Bryan and Robert motivated by greed when they wrote their
essay on the Authority of the copyright holder (which should be required
reading). Anybody who reads DVD-Discuss could probably call up the MPAA and get
a 6 figure job being their "expert" and probably get away with it long enough 
retire to a modest home overlooking a spectacular mountain. But I haven't seen
that happen

> We live in a civilization that has twisted itself over the past four
> hundred years into a glorification of greed and a testament to
> selfishness.  There are some sick and sad practical truths to what you
> say, but the fact that we must, at times, participate in the world's
> greed, exploitation, and selfishness does not make the actions any less
> evil nor forgive us those transgressions.

Not just 400 years...you can see the same thing in the Bible, the Pentateuch 
even Aesop's fables...I don't know about participate....it's not that you have
participated, it's what you do after having done so that becomes critically
important. Go to Las Vegas and give yourself $20 and play the slots. At some
point if you don't feel greed and selfishness then don't believe yourself
destined for sainthood...

> > I enjoy programming, but I _need_ to be paid for it because I have a
> > wife & son & a mortgage.  So if those "greedy" moguls don't think they
> > will be able to make any $$$ they may not make any films and then
> > where would you be?

So...you are doing something you enjoy and getting paid for it....that's a win-
win situation...no greed is involved there....as for the Greedy Moguls...if 
didn't have the revenues from films made decades ago paying for changes in the
laws to keep them in power and they had to produce an entertaining film before
somebody else does (look at the History of COlumbia...somewhat romantisized in
Frank Capra's Autobiography)...where would I be? I'd be watching MOVIES again 
the MOVIE THEATRE. I would not be seeing remakes of wretched TVs shows I didn't
watch as a child, or awful remakes, or even worse sequels...MAYBE "that's
entertaiment"again. > > Free of their spiritless, artless, wasteful and 
propaganda? > > Living in a world where those who create are not plagued by the
need to > grovel at the feet of those who inflict artificial scarcity on the
public > in order to share their work with the public? > > Just a couple of
thoughts. > > > That said, they're going about it all wrong (as they always
have).  > > Every technical advancement has been greeted with "oh, it will
destroy > > the entertainment industry" but after they figured it out they 
> > up making more money than before.  We've just got to kick 'em in the > > a$$
until they figure out that this is just the SSDD. > > With digital media, Free
Software, and the proliferation of reliable > bandwidth, we are looking at the
opportunity of doing away with the > unfortunately commercialized industry of
information gathering and > distribution. > > It is not just the existing
copyright industry that fears this revolution, > but Capitalists everywhere.  
have the opportunity to show that we have > evolved to a point where people are
more productive and affluent when they > share and cooperate than when they are
pitted against one another in > competition for survival and the favor of the
wealthy. > > J. > -- >    ----------------- >      Jeme A Brelin >    
jeme@brelin.net >    ----------------- >  [cc] counter-copyright > 
http://www.openlaw.org > 

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