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[dvd-discuss] Christian Science Monitor Article on Digital Copyring

"Technology: Digital Copying Rules May Change"
Christian Science Monitor (08/18/02); Paul, Noel C.

New rules from the FCC and legislation currently working its
way through Congress would severely restrict the copying and
distribution of digital content, and consumer proponents
charge that such measures will curtail consumers' fair-use
rights. The new regulations, which could make it impossible
for someone to freely copy a song off a CD, watch recorded
DVDs on other players, or store a copy of a TV show for more
than 24 hours, are supposed to choke off digital piracy. In
early August, the FCC approved a new policy requiring TV
producers to incorporate anti-copying technology into
next-generation TVs, so that consumers cannot copy programs
free of charge. Meanwhile, Congress is debating a bill that
would make copyright protection systems a required component
of all digital devices and associated software. Advocates
claim that such measures would encourage the entertainment
industry to disclose more digital content and fuel consumer
use of high-definition TV and broadband, among other
technologies. However, DigitalConsumer.org President Joe
Kraus says that fair-use rights are violated by such
policies. "The only way [copyright holders] can charge you,
they realized, is to first take away your legal right, and
then sell that right back to you," he contends.