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Re: [dvd-discuss] Geeks in government: A good idea?

I'm afraid that Declan has written his own rebuttal to the proposal that he put forth in "Geeks in Government: A good idea?".  This sets the stage for handling any technology appears that threatens the status quo.  All that is now necessary is for a law to be bought and the technology to be made illegal.  It appears that file-swappers are now considered much more dangerous to America than terrorists.
Once people start getting prosecuted for swapping files, how many of the supposed 70 million p2p users will continue?  I seem to remember someone making the argument here that people didn't have anything to worry about because the IP industry couldn't go after every individual user.  They don't have to, they just get the government to do it for them.  They also have a way of sidestepping the public's backlash by saying "we didn't do anything, the Justice Department is just enforcing the law".